Free Embroidery Pattern: Brave, Strong, Resilient.

Hi there!

January can be a tough month, so this month's pattern is designed to bring a little brightness to your life. Here's how to make it!

What you'll need:

  • A 5" hoop

  • An 8" by 8" piece of Pink Cotton Fabric

  • Embroidery thread: I used DMC 310, 367, 3831, 106

  • An embroidery needle

  • A small, sharp pair of scissors

  • The pattern

Stitches Used:

  • Whipped Back Stitch

  • French Knot

  • Lazy Daisy

  • Leaf Stitch

Transferring the Design

To transfer your design, first print off the pattern page at the end of this post. You want to place this over a flat source of light like a lightbox or window (if you have a glass table, you can simply use a light underneath). Alternatively, if you have a tablet you can transfer from that. Place your fabric in the hoop. Flip it over to the reverse side, so the fabric lies flush against your pattern. Using your chosen pen, carefully trace around the pattern. Once done, take the fabric out of the frame and put back in the right way round. I recommend using the pilot frixion pens, these can be removed with heat. Water erasable pens also work well.

Let's Stitch!

Brave Strong Resilient Steps
  1. Starting with the text, use two strands of DMC 310 and stitch using whipped back stitch and French Knots to dot the i's.

  2. Next, using leaf stitch fill in the leaves with four strands of DMC 3831

  3. With four strands of 3831, use whipped back stitch to complete the stem.

  4. With all 6 strands of 106, use lazy daisy stitch to complete the petals. Start from the top petal and work down, don't be afraid to overlap the top of some stitches over the base of others to create a seamless look.

  5. Finish the piece by using three stands of DMC 367 and whipped back stitch to complete the stem.

Use your preferred method to back your hoop, and you're ready to go!

Happy Stitching🪡

Alysha x

Download the pattern here:

Brave, Strong, Resilient Pattern
Download PDF • 151KB

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