Free Embroidery Pattern: Rose Tinted Eucalyptus

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Recently I discovered the absolute joy that is stitching eucalyptus leaves, and with this free pattern you can too! This pattern is super simple and only uses two stitches and two colours of thread, so it's very beginner friendly.

You Will Need

- A 3 inch embroidery hoop - I got mine here:

- A 5 inch square of your chosen fabric - I bought this pink fabric here:

- Thread - I used DMC 523 and 07

- Embroidery needle

- Small, sharp scissors

- A fabric safe pen to transfer the design - I recommend the Pilot Frixion pen

- Supplies for your preferred method of backing the hoop.

- The pattern:

Rose Tinted Eucalyptus Pattern
Download PDF • 227KB

Transferring the pattern

There are many ways you transfer the pattern onto your fabric. You can either print off the pattern, place

your fabric on top and use a lightbox, windows, glass table with a light underneath etc, or you can open the pattern on your laptop or tablet, place your fabric on top of the screen and transfer that way - whatever works best for you! Make sure to use a fabric-safe pen that's water or heat erasable so you can remove the lines after you've finished stitching.

Stitching the design

Once your design is transferred and your fabric is in the hoop, it's time to start stitching! The eucalyptus leaf is made using just one kind of stitch - leaf stitch. Start but bringing your needle up at point A, then back it back down at point B, about two thirds down the leaf. Then bring your needle up at point C, right next to point A, and then down at point B again. Next bring your needle up at point D, and then back in at point B again. You're going to continue bringing your needle up on the outline on either side of the stitches, and then bring both down at the same point just under where you previously went down. Continue this all the way down until you reach the stem and then move onto the next leaf. Once you've finished all the leaves, fill in the stem using back stitch. Then you just need to back your hoop and you're done!

I hope you enjoyed stitching this little hoop, if you make one please send me your photos to my Instagram page and use the hashtag #awildflowersewspatterns

Alysha x

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