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Sewing Journal: How I'm Documenting My 2021 Makes

When it comes to sewing, I love documenting my makes. Not only is it really helpful knowing I've got notes of any pattern adjustments or learning from a project in an easy to find place, but it's also great to look back and see what I made through the year. There are tons of ways to creating sewing journals, I've opted for a bullet journal style using lots of images but you could make it digital using a Trello board, keep it simple with just a notepad, pen and pencil or go all out with lots of stickers, washi tape and photos!

The Tools

  • Dotted Notebook - mine is from the Agenzio range by Paperchase

  • A Ruler - mine's just an old Pusheen one

  • Washi Tape - I use a plain lilac one and a purple floral one, both from scandiattic on Etsy

  • Poooli Print - This is a little thermal printer I use to print all my titles - not essential but if your calligraphy isn't the best it's very helpful! I use the washi tape paper

  • Stickers - I use these star ones from Paperchase but they are sadly no longer available

  • Pens - I use a light purple Crayola Supertips pen for drawing boxes, a light purple Tombow TwinTone pen for the box headers and a standard black pen for everything else

  • Insta Mini Printer/Printer: I use an Instax Mini Printer for all my outfit photos and my standard printer for anything small

The Spreads

I use a few different kinds of spreads to add everything I need into my journal. I've split these two categories - Singular spreads and monthly spreads. Singular spreads are one offs and not repeated frequently, whereas monthly spreads are repeated monthly.

Singular Spreads

The first singular spread in my journal is my 2021 goals. I love setting myself overarching goals with sewing as it keeps me grounded, makes me think about the practicality and wearability of my makes and can help give me some inspiration when I'm in a sewing block. I like to keep this page simple with my standard main page header (Plain washi on bottom, patterned washi on top and then heading over that), stickers as bullet points and a cute quote polaroid to add interest.

Here are my 2021 Goals:

  • To complete everything on my make 9!

  • To buy more deadstock and sustainable fabrics (Rainbow Fabrics Kilburn has made this one very easy so far)

  • Make more dresses that are suitable for all seasons

  • Fill out gaps in my wardrobe

  • Balance practical makes as well as fun ones

  • And to make a coat

My next singular page is my make 9. I used the same main page header, and then created a 3x3 grid to fit lil photos of each make in. Once I've made something, I'll write the month it was completed and add a star sticker. You can read more about my make 9 here

These are all the current singular spreads I have in my journal, but you could also add seasonal mood boards, fabric swatches, plans for makes, a moodboard of RTW garments and more!

Monthly Spreads

My monthly spreads consist of three main pages - a front page for the month, project pages for makes and a review of the month. I keep the monthly front page simple with just a main header, a need (or want) section for things I want to make that month, and then a made section to list everything I did make using the simple header style (just the plain washi). For the project pages, they're split into 5 boxes - pattern, style + size, notes, materials and then space for a photo. These boxes give me space to add all the info I need, add a fabric swatch and a photo of the make. You could just draw your make, but I like to add a photo of me wearing it styled so when I look back I can see the make itself and how I was wearing it. I use a simple header style and then three stars at the bottom for decor. For the last page of the month, I like to do a review of my stitching. I use a main header and then simple headers for the discussion points - Favourite makes, What I'm proud of and I learnt. These sections mean I can reflect on what I did, how I improved my skills and what I learnt from that month. I love being able to look back on this and see what I was really proud of!

And that is how I document my makes! Thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful and inspiring for documenting your own makes💙

Alysha x


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